Family & General Dentistry

Dental Care for Every Member of Your Family

At Uptown Dental we are committed to the oral health needs for every single member of your family. By scheduling routine examinations and professional cleanings for you and your children you will likely promote the development of habits that will help to ensure the beauty and function of your teeth over the course of your life. We can restore tooth damage, treat discomfort, and help prevent further complications.

Family and general dentistry serve as your first line of defence against oral health problems. Dr. Dvorkin can provide preventative care and restorative therapy and with regular checkups help you maintain excellent oral health. From cleanings and fillings to complete makeovers and implants, we promise a comfortable and positive experience for you and your family.

Through general and restorative procedures, personalized service and patient-focused care, Dr. Dvorkin can diagnose and treat dental issues relating to the health and function of your mouth providing you and your family with smiles that last a lifetime.

Our family dental practice is a great starting point for comprehensive dental care. Call or email Uptown Dental today to schedule your next dental appointment: 506-458-9186 or