Dentures are artificial replacements for your natural teeth. They are also called “removable plates”, “partial”, or just “plates”.

There are 2 main types of dentures: partial and complete.

Partial Dentures 

Are used to replace missing teeth where other teeth are still present, and where a bridge or an implant were not possible or desired. They are made of an acrylic or metal base that holds one or more artificial teeth in place as well as clasps that attach and fit into the natural teeth. It is always recommended to remove partial dentures at night for cleaning and to allow your gums to relax and breath.  

Complete Dentures 

Are used when all the natural teeth on the top and or bottom are missing. They are referred to as “false teeth or “full dentures.” They are held in placed by suction and special denture adhesives.

No matter if you have partial plates or have no natural teeth and use complete dentures, regular dental visits, at least once a year, are still recommended. Your mouth is always changing, so your dentures will need adjusting or relining from time to time to make sure they fit well. Poorly fitted dentures may cause denture sores that make oral cancer more difficult to spot.

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